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Now available: Vibrating Foam Rollers

by David Turnbull |

It's time to electrify your foam rolling

Our new range of vibrating foam rollers (sometimes known as electric foam rollers) are perfect to use before and after a training session.

Combining a vibrating action to the bumps and ridges of the foam rollers provides a self-myofascial release which can increase your range of motion, improve flexibility and help to relieve pain and soreness in your muscles.

Choose the vibrating foam roller that best suits your personal recovery needs:

  • Deep Tissue Massage features focused ridges to get in and target specific areas of the body, and comes complete with a handy travel bag.
  • Relaxed Recovery has a smoother roller shell for a softer rolling experience.

You can learn more about vibrating foam rollers and the other products in our range at the Body Bolt store.