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How to use a Percussion Massager - everything you need to know

by David Turnbull |

Body Bolt’s Percussion Massage Device is used by professional athletes, personal trainers, physiotherapists, and other people who understand the importance of percussion therapy on post-training recovery. But this leaves us with a question - how do they actually use it?

How to use a percussion massager

There are 5 things we think you should know before using your Body Bolt Percussion Massager:

  1. To ensure you have complete control over the massager, make sure to turn the device on before pressing it onto your body. This ensures you have proper control of your massager, and you’ll see the best results beginning your massage this way.
  2. When using the Percussion Massager remember to relax and let it do all the work. You don’t need to add additional pressure when placing  it against your body. The massager already has a powerful motor with 9 speeds, so you can get the desired intensity without the need to add your own bodily pressure.
  3. When gliding the massager over your body, do it slowly, and be gentle. This should be a relaxing experience, so no fast movements. If you haven’t focused-in on a tension spot you can move the massager over the body continuously; just remember to take your time.
  4. When you find a tension spot you can spend a little extra time in this area. Just gently rest the massager on the area of tension, and again, let the massager work it’s magic! There is still no need to add any additional bodily pressure yourself, but if you feel like you need a little deeper massage, turn up the motor speed on the device. Wait a few seconds or until you feel satisfied, and then move on.
  5. Like we’ve mentioned already, this should be a relaxing experience so concentrate on feeling the relief of the massager and allowing your body to be in a relaxed state. Your massage will not be as effective when your body is tense so try and remain calm and concentrate on your breathing.

When to use a percussion massager

So, you know how to use it, but now you might be wondering when you should use it. Here are a few examples where your Percussion Massager might come in handy:

Before your workout

Although Percussion Massage Devices are most commonly thought of as “recovery” tools, they can also be used to help warm up your muscles before a workout. 

Percussion Therapy can help to increase blood flow to targeted muscle groups, which can be beneficial before working out a specific body part. For example, if you’re training shoulders then you can use the massage device over your shoulders, neck area, and upper back. Spend a few minutes working the device around each area you want to warm up, with slow and gentle movements. Warming up in this way can help you prevent injuries, soreness, and will encourage enhanced performance.

While you train or compete

If you have the opportunity you can also use your Percussion Massager in between sets at the gym or whilst you’re on the bench during your sports game. This will help you to relieve areas of tension in the body and can help your muscles to relax. Give yourself an advantage over your competitors by holding your massager down on a tight area of the body for 15-30 seconds to encourage blood flow, loosen the muscle, and help you continue the rest of your session or game like a pro!

After physical activity

After you've finished a workout or sporting activity is potentially the best time to use your percussion massager. Use the 5 steps we listed above to help you get the most out of your Body Bolt Percussion Massage Device, making sure to move the massager back and forward across each muscle group to encourage relaxation and faster recovery.

Rest days

You can also take advantage of your percussion massager during rest days. It’ll help your body to relax and release any stress and tension you’re holding on to. This can encourage you to sleep better, increase your mobility, and decrease the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) from previous workouts. All of these will help you enhance your athletic performance.

Recovering from an injury

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of recovering from a serious injury your Body Bolt Percussion Massage Device will quickly become your best friend. Percussion massagers are commonly used for percussion therapy by medical professionals due to their incredible ability to break up scar tissue. The percussion massager will help by providing a deep tissue massage, resulting in the breakdown of any scar tissue, which can alleviate any pain, relieve potential restrictions, and speed up healing time.

Your percussion massage device

Interested in trying percussion massage yourself? Our Percussion Massage Device is the best percussion massager for athletes and it comes complete with everything you need to get started, including a carry case to take your massager with you to use after a tough training session, martial arts class or while you travel.

Learn more or order your own percussion massager today.